Student Outreach

Western societies need to initiate discussions in our communities about ethical issues raised by contemporary medicine. We need creative interdisciplinary thinkers to design ways of reaching out to get people thinking and talking in their communities about how developments in medicine impact them, their values, and the people they care about.

Julian Willard, a member of the Community Ethics Committee, is Chair of the Interdisciplinary Studies Department at The Rivers School in Weston MA. Ethics students at Rivers are challenged to engage meaningfully in their communities as part of their formal education. What follows are works produced by Rivers students - we hope they inspire discussion about these and other ethical issues that matter to our society.

Thabi Khumalo: Family Caregiving (song) and commentary

Bryan Cleveland and Brendon Argueta: Opiates (video)

David Alelyunas: Organ Donation (digital art)

Lindsey Ades and Melissa Maffeo: Organ Donation (video)

or watch directly on youtube

Ani Harlan and Emily Treveloni: Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis (pamphlet)

Will Hewitt and Jack Shaughnessy: Life Support and End of Life (sculpture) and commentary

Matt Treveloni: Organ Donation (digital art)

Andrew Ciampa, Ben Puritz, and Robert Gallo: Concussions (slides)

Jess Mulder and Alexa Cornetta: CTE (slides) and art here and here

Ashley Burgarella: Aesthetic plastic surgery music, score, and commentary

Caroline Phelps: Maternal-fetal conflict slides, art, and commentary

Georgia Freeland: Presumed consent petition and video

Charles Leslie and Isabel Hardy: Medical deserts slides and website

Tyler Capello: SIS and CTE: video


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