Student Outreach

Western societies, including the USA, desperately need to initiate discussions in our communities about the ethical issues raised by contemporary medicine. We need creative, motivated, interdisciplinary thinkers to design ways of reaching out to the larger society to get people thinking and talking in their own communities about how new developments in medicine and the health care system are impacting them, their values, and the people they care about.

Julian Willard, an original member of the Community Ethics Committee, is the Chair of the Interdisciplinary Studies Department at The Rivers School in Weston MA. At Rivers he teaches a course in ethics, part of his efforts to support students in engaging meaningfully and productively in their communities as part of their formal education.

What follows are works produced by his students. We hope they inspire engagement on these and other ethical issues of significance to society.

David Alelyunas:

or watch directly on youtube:

Bryan Cleveland and Brendon Argueta: "Opiates"

Peter Ciccarelli and Frank Boie: "Vaccination"

Ani Harlan and Emily Treveloni: Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis

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  1. Western and eastern society’s is quit different from each others. And medicine drugs who used in there country is very different from one of them both community like Americans and others community are help to find the medicine to ethics serve well from right peoples who need them