Saturday, November 23, 2013

What if NOT making end-of-life plans cost you money ?

Granted, after you are dead, it could be the least of your worries. But if you do make plans for your estate, and ignoring this part results in significant losses to its value, maybe that is the trigger that will make some people tackle what is obviously an uncomfortable topic.

To some it is not a topic of polite conversation, to others it is shocking, morbid, inappropriate.

The Wall Street Journal and other publications have started to address end of life planning as a beneficial activity, if only to preserve value.

From the Journal article:
The end-of-life experience "is bankrupting us personally, institutionally and governmentally, and we're not getting what we want," says Mr. Hebb, who is 37.


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  3. As people get older, they become more aware of their own mortality. They struggle with incontinence and other issues and they really don't want to think about planning for death.

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