Monday, December 3, 2012

Eaves-Tweeting (the Future of Medicine)

Interesting recent tweets discovered via hashtag:

1. Medical team of future will be more flexible, female, more team-based, more non-medically trained. (#futurehospital)

2. Does fear of litigation / defensive medicine drive rising demand for secondary care? How can this be addressed? (#futurehospital)

3. Forty percent of young physicians report that they would not go to medical school if given the choice again. (#meded)

4. Why Would Anyone Choose to Become a Doctor? Because they can have the great privilege of doing palliative and hpm. (#palliative, #hpm)

5. Drug reps should not be welcome ... and the doctors working there shouldn't be on industry payrolls. (#futurehospital)

6. Educating your patients: it's not just about a brochure; it's about initiating a dialogue (#meded)

7. Over a quarter of medical registrars are concerned their workload is unmanageable. (#futurehospital)

8. You ARE a person. You HAVE a DNR order. You are not your code status. (#palliative, #hpm)

9. With hospice, people believe you're giving up instead of helping to transition or die w/ dignity (#hospice)

10. In my view issue of prognostication is a red herring. Will always be subjective. Issues of communication and education are vital (#LCP)


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