Thursday, August 16, 2012

Does That Come With Fries?

Atul Gawande has seen medicine's future and its name is, uh, the Cheesecake Factory?

Indeed, the restaurant chain is where Gawande finds his model for the "best prospect for change."

From Gawande’s story “Big Med” in the August 13&20 New Yorker:

“Those of us who work in the health-care chains will have to contend with new protocols and technology rollouts every six months, supervisors and project managers, and detailed metrics on our performance. Patients won’t just look for the best specialist anymore; they’ll look for the best system. Nurses and doctors will have to get used to delivering care in which our own convenience counts for less and the patients’ experience counts for more. We’ll also have to figure out how to reward people for taking the time and expense to teach the next generations of clinicians. All this will be an enormous upheaval, but it’s long overdue, and many people recognize that.” 

Also, Gawande participates in a live chat on Big Medicine at noon today: 


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