Sunday, April 1, 2012

data from Switzerland and Oregon, and Quebec's proposed legislation

Data now released from Switzerland on numbers of assisted suicides (supplementing the earlier mention below):

From Oregon, statistics are available for 2011:   and criticism from opponents: .

In Quebec, the question shifts from DWD/PAS to assisting death as part of end-of-life palliative care
CEC members have discussed many times the impact of use of language and terminology; the headlines might have sensationalized the topic by claiming "Quebec report calls for euthanasia legislation".   Euthanasia is often seen as death caused by others; DWD/PAS supporters would point out that the patient is initiating the action.  It is a difficult enough topic without bringing in loaded words, but the quotes do include euthanasia as the term used in the discussions.   Interestingly, local supporters of PAS (Living with Dignitydon't support the change in approach.

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