Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Care, Choices & Cost

Another example of why Thaddeus Pope’s blog, www.medicalfutility.blogspot.com, is such a great resource. Be sure to read the comments.
In an article defending the  development of clinical practice guideline in a "private regulation regime," University of Texas law professor Ronen Avraham identifies 4 costs associated with overuse:
1. Defensive Medicine - excessive care that physicians provide in an effort to shield themselves from liability
2. Offensive Medicine - excessive care that physicians offer to maximize reimbursements
3. Cost-Apathetic Medicine - excessive care that physicians provide because they are trained to to everything for their patients and not pay close attention to costs
4. Compassionate Medicine -  excessive care that physicians provide, primarily at the end of life, because they cannot bear the thought of doing nothing


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