Wednesday, October 26, 2011


Advice for choosing an advocate, from Judy Bachrach’s column today at (
“Whomever you decide on: Make sure a) you inform that person of your decision when you make it; b) don't be upset if that person declines to be your Power of Attorney (a lot of people can't take that kind of responsibility); and c) be positive this person will respect your wishes in the event of an illness or medical emergency.
“In other words, should worse come to worst and you don't want intubation, resuscitation or other medical intervention to prolong your existence -- be certain whomever you pick is in agreement with your wishes. Also, make sure that in the event your competency diminishes and you are unable to articulate your wishes, a copy of your living will is in the hands of that friend. 
“Doctors and hospitals have a way of ignoring advocates, but the one thing that gets to them (often) is an executed legal document.”
Bachrach’s preference for an advocate: a close friend.

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