Friday, March 5, 2010


Hi, guys -

Here are two stories that Lori passed along (she's skiing, so I'm posting!) . . .

Thursday's (March 4) "On Point" broadcast addressed a new book that's just coming out - a daughter's story of her elderly mother who decided to die after it was clear that she would deteriorate in a way that was not how she wanted to die. Among other illnesses, she had Parkinsons. In the end, after looking at different options & consulting the Hemlock Society, she decided to stop eating.

The other story is also about aging, but it's HAPPY!

In the NYTimes "Often we imagine that life ends at the nursing home door, a myopic view that hurts the aging as well as ourselves."

Enjoy . . . you know what they say - growing old is hard but it beats the alternative by a mile!!

Enjoy your Friday,



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