Thursday, February 25, 2010

Eight Health-Care Lobbyists for each Congressman?

Hi, guys -

Just thought you might want to know . . . last year there were eight healthcare lobbyists for every Congressman/woman. And, no, it wasn't insurance companies that were the most heavily represented. It was trade, advocacy and professional organizations!! Wonder what that's all about?? How about Dunkin' Donuts lobbying against a tax on soda which would have helped fund health care reform? How about the fact that more hospitals funded lobbyists than insurance companies? How about the fact that the number of health care lobbyists in 2009 more than doubled - starting in the first quarter at 1,400 and ending the final quarter with almost 3,700! Gee whiz . . . no wonder it's a mess . . . instead of a representational government, we have a lobby-irrational government . . . in the lobby, for the lobby, by the lobby . . .

Just thought you might be interested.


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